We believe in the power of hemp-derived cannabis to change lives, so we spent 5+ years developing perfect products, leaving no stone unturned.

During these 5+ years, we developed advanced nanotechnology processes and equipment to create our one-of-a-kind water-soluble cannabis formulas that are far more potent than standard oil based products. 

You might be thinking: “Why does it matter if a product is water-soluble or not, won’t the cannabis take effect either way?” The key difference in a water-soluble product, like Marble’s, is that it can mix much more quickly and effectively with the water-based bloodstream, and therefore have much more powerful, faster-acting effects. A little goes a long way—you’ll know right away. Read more about how and why our technology works here.

The benefits of nano don’t stop there. With Marble’s water-soluble formulas you know every dose is the same, unlike the guessing game of edibles and cannabis oil. With our water-soluble formulas, you can even cook your own edibles, or infuse into a beverage of your choice, making it easy to dose on the go wherever you are!

Further ensuring the quality of every product, we’ve sourced high quality, pesticide-free, organic hemp. Moreover, we third party lab test every last batch of our product, so you know you’re getting exactly what’s on the label—nothing more, nothing less.